Other sources of funding

The Aneo grant
Should you as a student apply for a pilot project at NTNU Discovery, you must have applied for and been awarded the Aneo grant first. You can receive up to NOK 25,000 from Aneo. You register your idea on sparkntnu.no and are assigned a supervisor. The guide will help you apply for the Aneo grant. The counseling service at Spark* is also available digitally for students at NTNU in Ålesund and Gjøvik. More information about the program and application deadlines can be found at sparkntnu.no

Sterling Road
If you are a student or have been a student (alumni) at NTNU, you can apply for a grant from Sterling Road. You can receive a grant of NOK 10,000 and coaching to develop your project. The prerequisite is that you have a software project you want to develope. There are no strings attached to the grant and there is no requirement to have received the grant before applying to NTNU Discovery. Applications can be submitted digitally at Sterling Road.

Research Council of Norway (NFR)
If you are working on a research project with commercialization potential, you can apply for funding from the NFR. We recommend that you contact NTNU TTO, which through the service purchase agreements between HMN/NTNU will help you with the application. NTNU Discovery wants as many employees as possible at HMN and NTNU who have received support from us to apply to the NFR for continuation of the project. Possible funding from the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) is up to NOK 500,000 for qualification projects and up to NOK 5 million for verification projects.


Project Manager
Jan Hassel
Email: jan.hassel@ntnu.no
Telephone: +47 906 53 180
Office: Main building

Håvard Wiebe
Email: havard.wibe@ntnu.no
Telephone: +49 414 73 768
Office: Main building

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