What is NTNU Discovery?

NTNU Discovery grants financial support to the development, verification and quality assurance of good and commercially viable business ideas from employees and students at NTNU and Helse Midt-Norge.

We provide financial support in a phase where few others are willing to invest money. That is why our contribution is important. In addition to having a good idea, with us you have the opportunity to test, confirm and ensure the quality of your project idea.

NTNU Discovery helps increasing the quality of your idea and gives it a good push forward on the long path towards developing a product and/or a company.

We also know that if you have received support from NTNU Discovery, there is a good chance that others will also will back your idea financially.

NTNU Discovery granted money for the first time in 2011 and was created thanks to a regional effort between Nord-Trøndelag County Council, Sør-Trøndelag County Council, Sparebank 1 SMN and NTNU.

Since then, we have distributed NOK 125 million to 400 projects. About half of these develop into companies. We have been startup helpers for, among others, the quiz app Kahoot, Seram Coating’s wear-resistant coating and the company Crayonano, which is among the first in the world to develop and patent a method for producing electronic semiconductors on the super material graphene.

NTNU Discovery is currently jointly financed by NTNU, Helse Midt-Norge and Sparebank 1 SMN.


Project Manager
Jan Hassel
Email: jan.hassel@ntnu.no
Telephone: +47 906 53 180
Office: Main building

Håvard Wiebe
Email: havard.wibe@ntnu.no
Telephone: +49 414 73 768
Office: Main building

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